The Money Shift

Image Money LandscapeThe Money Shift -- a guided meditation to identify and release your negative beliefs about money with a one-month program to allow more abundance into your life -- is now available for immediate download.

I find it fascinating that markets and economies are quantifiable material expressions of abstract concepts. We talk about money as if it's something "real" -- perhaps the most real thing in the world -- yet money is an idea.

Thoughts are things. Stock market indices represent our Collective thoughts-as-things. In this spiritual new age, we love to reference that we are One, that there is a synergistic Whole that is greater than the sum of all of as individuals, that collective human consciousness is an entity, a living organism -- and perhaps the most fascinating dynamic of all, it's evolving.

I am not participating in any kind of recession and I also view all that madness from a much different perspective -- a long term view of growing pains and transformation. I do think the current system is undergoing tremendous change, but I prefer the word Renovation. The economic system we've known in recent human history is not coming back -- something new is emerging in its place.

I have faith that this is desirable; it's Good News.

I could wax on indefinitely about the psychology of markets, but I am also torn about contributing my voice or anymore volume to the Fear Channel, but:

  • I can't ignore the fact that 3 out of 4 of the readings I gave over the last two months were related to money/ abundance issues.
  • I keep receiving emails from people who say they desperately want readings regarding financial and/or job security, yet they can't afford to book one.

So, I decided to package the energy clearing and the exercises in a home study version that hopefully anyone can afford.

Back in February, I saw the results of a CNN Gallup Research Poll that struck me as perfectly representative of what I'm observing about how we are participating in Collective Thought. Thank God I don't pretend to be a journalistic, because there's so many of those damned opinion polls that I've wasted the better part of the day googling for the one I made personal note of with no luck... So, I'm sharing this as Anecdote.

75% of the people polled said that they think the global economy is in horrible shape. 75% of the people polled said that their own personal financial situations are unchanged/unaffected.

WTF? This speaks volumes to me... Do you see the Big Disconnect, here, too? Is it just me, or is this not... (collectively) deranged?!

"Mommy, where do recessions come from?" What happens when 75% of the people who are doing just fine financially collectively believe the economy's going to hell? Isn't this the very definition of how recessions are created?

Listen, I understand if you are one of the 25% of people who truly has been negatively affected -- you have every right to think and act according to that experience.

But what excuse do the rest of us have? Fearful thoughts and beliefs impact our decisions and our behavior. Fear is self-actualizing and self-fulfilling.

Pessimism is The Great Global Pandemic This all seems... dangerous to me. I wonder, do we have a moral obligation to one another to heal these thoughts and maintain a higher vibration? Aren't those of us who are doing well that much more beholden to express the positive? I mean, it's easy to see why someone who is out of a job is fearful -- but how insane do those of us who have jobs have to be to contribute to -- to participate in -- that mindset?

The factoid that 7% of people are unemployed is no more or less accurate than the statement that 93% of people have jobs. Don't we have a glass half-full/ half-empty choice here?

And isn't right now, in this emerging renovation, when we are more and more aware of the collective power of our thoughts, not the perfect time to get a handle on how our negative beliefs about Money are crippling our ability to allow Abundance to do its thing?

I'd love to hear what you think of the new meditation and how the exercises help you make this important shift. Slade's signature

Image credit Penguincakes via Creative Commons on Flickr