Teaching What You Came Here to Learn

It's been one of those weeks where I feel overwhelmed by what I have to learn.

  • I'm humbled by the work of masterful writers and inspiring spiritual teachers.
  • The list of what I want to learn -- whom I could potentially learn from -- grows at an exponential pace that (on some days) seems to be leaving me in the dust.
  • I compare my accomplishments to those I admire, model myself after, and with whom I wish to co-create, collaborate, just participate.

Sometimes, I come away from exploring the evidence of great brilliance feeling the exact opposite of inspired, energized, empowered -- my ego insinuates its voice, takes advantage of the critical space opened by my self-judgment, and berates me with impressions of doubt.

You know these Questions -- they're not really questions at all, because the answers are merely nagging statements with the same agenda -- to deny your self-worth. You have this same program that runs in the background like some kind of power-stealing resource hog -- like spiritual spyware, waiting to pop up and block your channel:

  • Who do you think you are, to…?
  • Who are you to teach others, when you still can't… when you still don't…?
  • Oh, you're a good one, to be telling anyone what to do, when you…
  • Somebody else -- someone smarter, cooler, better than you -- already has it covered...
  • Shut up, before you embarrass yourself…

First of all, I can guarantee you that everyone who has decided to write, to speak, to teach the material you look up to and learn from has this same programming. It doesn't feel like it, because you are an audience to their products, not so much their process… The optimal words are choose, decide, and anyway. We all run into our Ego's co-dependent on-again/off-again companion, Miss Perfect, Queen of the Nags.

I must confess that one of the reasons I love to do readings for other people is that it gives me access to so many spirit guides -- often those voices seem so much clearer than my own. It's like having a second opinion, and then another source, and then another...

Clairaudient intuition isn't just about listening, receiving; one of the most powerful components of channeling is the projective aspect -- activating multiple chakras:

  • The heart -- the receiver of wisdom
  • The throat -- the amplifier
  • The hands -- the extra chakras that play the keyboard of energy transference in healing, automatic writing, corresponding

Often, what you most need to hear -- the answers you seek -- will simply come out of your own mouth. What you most want to know, you'll find yourself saying to another.

There are patterns or themes to the readings I give -- they seem to cluster in a miraculous way around certain topics, in some mysterious relevance of linear time-frames. When I encounter two or more people with the same questions, or spirit guides responding with similar messages even when the questions seem at first to be incredibly different, that's often how I decide what to share in my posts each week.

When I then encounter these same messages in the words of my own spiritual teachers, then I immediately look at the questions I've been asking of my guides, of myself, for myself:

  • How is this pattern of messages to others an answer for me -- for my questions? Because the sources are inevitably the same.

This week, the readings have been about the double-edged sword of life lessons and life purpose -- that the very things you learn the hard way, that you may view as your curses, your challenges, your struggles, are often deeply connected to the wisdom you are meant to share.

We teach best what we came here to learn.

Often, you will protest or even laugh when I tell you that the patterns of those things you struggle with are maps guiding you toward, into, through your life purpose.

Where you stumble, there your treasure lies.

What is the definition of success you're waiting for that will allow you to arrive? What is the mirage on the horizon, whose distance seems so daunting, that you never begin the journey towards it?

You can look at someone else's progress, you can study his maps and compare your course to his, but you can never substitute the actual footsteps, the work, the movement that moves you.

If you happen to be the person in the room who knows a crumb more than everyone else, then congratulations, you are the expert. But don't worry about teaching from the position of the expert -- simply profess to share what you are learning.

What is the Thing you think you're not yet good enough at to teach? What's the hardest lesson you've ever learned? What battle scars are you trying to cover that become badges of courage and honor simply because you choose to re-frame them and decide to make them so -- anyway?

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