Blocked from Hearing Your Spirit Guides

The big block to hearing the voices of Spirit is listening for what you think you're SUPPOSED to hear.

Handling Your Intuition

I receive innumerable questions from clients and students about the difference between imagination and intuition, about the relationship between the Thinking Mind and the Heart or the Spirit… Intuition, instinct, impulse, inspiration, and imagination are like individual fingers on the same hand.

Communicating with Our Spirit Guides -- Workshop

Join me and a small group of Shift Your Spirits readers for a special, live, month-long group workshop starting June 1, 2008. We will practice my favorite spirit-guided writing, channeling, and intuitive communication techniques -- by doing spirit guide readings for one another.

The Keys to a Magical World View

The Keys to a Magical World View

You feel it’s appropriate for your Inner Child to reign in your dreaming, creative, divine, spiritual aspect; so why do you put him to bed and call in some “more Adult” perspective when interpreting the signs and symbols of your waking, conscious experience? This post is NOT about dream interpretation — it’s about interpreting the signs and symbols of your waking reality. It’s about cultivating a magical world view.

Ghost in the Flame - Part 2

In spring 1988, I connected with a spirit who was able to present me with verifiable information. As I track back through my personal history, looking for the thread of connected events and experiences that seem to belong to the story of my mediumship, this encounter stands out for the amount — and the degree — of detailed information that I was able to research and confirm.